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Quote: Originally Posted by aprilushka My MIL is pretty strange but when she comes for visits I leave DS with her anyway. : I just had to laugh at that! Hilarious! Fortunately, I have never had that comment from anyone. Maybe it's because they all know how much time and "research" I put into finding a DCP before DS was even born! How annoying for you!
DS was 10 weeks old when I went back to work. However, I only worked for an addition 7 weeks and then had the summer off. (I'm a teacher.) Next time, we're trying to plan it so I have my 6 weeks of maternity leave and then the summer back to back.
It's a trash can. LOL With a flip lid. I used a utility bag from the camping section at Target as a liner. When it's full, I taket he bag out and bring it to the basement. It works and it was only about $10 total.
www.thecalicobaby.com www.pishypants.com
My favorite are AIOs or pockets. For AIOs, I like FCB (who doesn't!?) and MPBs. I also like Calico Baby, LHC, and Pishy Pants. For pockets, my most favorite pocket EVER are Disposanots. What about covers? I only use them at night. My favorite is the Fuzbomb I'm borrowing. What type? wool What brand? Fuzbomb... I do have crankypants, too, which I love. It's just not cool enough for them yet. Why do you like them? because they hold it all in!
We can get away with a pocket diaper with an extra insert, wrapped in a microfiber towel. BUT... our never-fail system is an actual night time diaper (my favorites are Disposanot Night from knickernappies.com), wrap the insert in a microfiber towel w/a wool cover. Either the Fuzbomb or my grandma's homemade soakers.
I'm just excited to get a package in the mail!!
I just saw the light when ds was about 15 months old. I can't wait to CD the next kids!
www.tykiediapers.com makes custom covers and they're CUTE!
We don't use too many. Maybe 2-3 for each poop. So, anywhere from 4-10 a day? I got mine at www.pishypants.com and at www.lucyshopechest.com. LHC does velour & sherpa combo and I LOVE them! I have probably 50 wipes total.
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