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I only use wool at night. I have two wool covers, three soakers, and two pairs of longies.
www.crankypantshome.com I just got my first pair and LOVE them!
I've used it every once in awhile... the OxiClean Free version. I haven't had any issues, either.
Luke's first CD was a Baby Bloomrs AIO in the surf print. We also got a monkey print at the same time, but we put the surf on first.
I'm usually the one to pick up/stay home with DS when he's sick. I'm a public school teacher & my system is very flexible with things like that. I can use my sick leave for him. And once that's out, I can take non-pay for those days, if I need to. Sometimes DH will stay home, too, just to give me a break from it all.
Before he returned for the new school year (I'm a teacher), I double checked with DC about it. They said they werne't sure what hte state regulations were. So, I looked them up for them! ha ha! Needless to say, they couldn't say no, since the state said itw as ok!
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