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i'm taking notes.:
we went through a very rough time once and all we ate was pb&j, spaghetti, ramon and rice. we paid off a lot just in one month of doing that. i also second the idea of food pantries for some help. also i would go back to the fiancial guy and ask for him to talk to you as a first grader. sometimes making ourselves sound like idiots will make them talk in every day language. i am in no way calling you an idiot but it helps when they stop using their jargen and just talk to...
i think it all depends on your child. mine is the oldest and tends to be the leader and starts to teach the younger ones. my friend said her daughter is the oldest and later on in school does not have the difficulties the younger ones are having in math. i could have fought the school and pushed for her to be in the next grade up but i would rather her have an easier time learning then struggle later on.
i usually spend about $20 per person. we buy for our cousins there are 6 of them then grandparents 3 sets and the our kids which we spend about $100 on. we buy each other something nice for stocking but no big stuff. about $20 on each other so about... $400 give or take. i start buying though in october so it's not a huge hit on us.
what am i eating that is causing my baby gassy? i take suppliments like fenugreek, garlic and grapefruit seed extract. could they cause it? when i wasn't taking the suppliments i don't recall her being so gassy but maybe its a certain food i am eating. does anyone have any experience with what would cause a gassy baby?
thank you
i would like to drink rrl tea to help with post partum bleeding and uterus contracting back down. is it safe to drink while breast feeding?
my daughter has thrush. they prescribed a liquid for her but nothing for me. won't i keep giving it to her? any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by veganone I truly don't think I would have made it bfing without the My Brestfriend. Big boobs and small baby. DD just slipped down between the pillow and my stomach with the Boppy. The Brestfriend stays put. I was able to use the Boppy after around 12 weeks. I had both from the beginning. i agree
i was also told that indoor cats will not infect you if you have had them a long time. you would be infected with in the first week and get diarhea which most of us never even realise was from the cat litter. i also have not changed litter since i was pregnant with dd1 which was 4 years ago.
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