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UPDATE...   So ladies, as far as I know we have all (finally) had our babies!! Yay!! If you would like to be a part of our Facebook group please do it now. I am planning on making it a private group (and no one will be able to see it) and that will mean that even if you click on the link to it, you will be unable to get to it. I will keep it open for a couple more days.   Heres the link  March DDC Facebook
Sorry Ive been MIA ladies!!!    We sold our car last week, and desperately are hunting for a replacement. Also, this past weekend, my dad was being filmed for the Cooking Channel's My Mother's Ravioli!! And the producers wanted to film the whole family doing brunch... It was really fun, but took up the entire weekend!    Besides all of that Lucy went through her 4-5 week leap and was wicked needy and unhappy last Tuesday through Friday... Needless to say, doing...
Oh yes!!! GOOOO CHAPSIE!!! I am so excited she went into labor!!
Maybe contractions? if it comes and goes, it could be. Contractions can feel very different for everyone. Good luck!
Chapsie and Tear, huge hugs mommas!! You both have time still, and I am praying your babies will come before the OB's can get ahold of you...   Sending Labor Vibes!!! 
Melany, I can understand that it must be very hard for you to leave your DD, and that you must be mentally struggling with staying or going. Is there any way you can go home and be with the older kids for just one day on Easter? I know it will be hard, but I also feel your older kids must miss you like crazy, and being with them for this holiday will be meaningful for them. It's just an idea, and you have to do what your heart tells you.   That is fantastic news...
Congrats to all!! I have updated to this point... Sorry for the delay, I have had a busy couple days.
I think its normal... I haven't made my appointment to get my IUD yet. Something I normally did within days of giving birth, but it's not really weighing on me. I know Jason would have another one in a heart beat, and I have said many times I'm not getting pregnant in my 40's. I'm 38 right now, so I guess if it was to happen I wouldn't be in my 40's!    Yikes! What am I thinking???   God the infant stage is sweet though, I could just hold her and get intoxicated...
OMG Scruffy!! You look so happy! What a beautiful baby!
Gorgeous baby!! Boy or girl? And if you give me weight and length I'll get it on the baby list...
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