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Oh my gosh... we haven't heard anything from Cocoanib in quite awhile! 
I agree Sweetie! Its very strange to not be peeing every 1.5 hours... but God am I glad that's done with! It feels so good to be into the fourth trimester, I didn't think I was ever going to go into labor!    Does anyone remember what website it was that the video of good and bad latches? I thought it was LLL but I cant find anything. I did find a lot of info on kellymom, and I have come to the conclusion that Lucy's latch is not right. Her lower lip is curled in, no...
Wow... I knew there was babies coming!! Updated the baby list, but please tell me if I have anything incorrect (like writermama having a boy not a girl! Opps, sorry Writer!)   Congrats everyone! Enjoy the baby moon!
MPsSweetie I remember one of my other kiddos having a hard time settling down at night. I ended up getting some white noise into the room (I think it was a fan) and that helped a lot. Even now, we have a Sleep Mate that I can't live without. Literally, I bring it with us whenever we are staying over night any where.   VYM, That sucks!! Why would they dump a sick kid off with you and your newborn? Seems pretty insensitive to me. And kudos for making DH drop him off at...
Oh I can feel it!! We're going to have at least one more baby tonight, if not two!! YAY!!!    ELV Spughy and Scruffy!!!
Resurrecting this thread... Since there are some of us who would like a place to put all this postpartum stuff. Like me!   Lucianna is a little over two weeks old. I am feeling good, but I am still bleeding, I don't understand it! With my boys, I only bled for a maximum of 8-9 days, and we're on 16 days here, what is going on? I am frustrated by this and told my midwives, but they said as long as its not heavy or bright red it was normal. I'm not sitting around...
Spugh, that sounds very promising! With lots of goopy bloody show you must be doing something positive! Good luck, and sending ELV!!   Scruffy, I hope those contractions keep coming and getting stronger... Go mama and ELV coming your way!!
Yay!! Congrats Writermama!!
Haha Sunshine and Story!!! That is so true, thanks for the laugh!
What an awesome birth story! I love all the pictures, good job mama!
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