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I still need to go pick some out...    The last time I went looking for beads I was overwhelmed by the selection, and ended up buying 3 times more than I needed... Hmmm, that will be hard to explain to DP if I have to ask him to help me carry in bags of beads!! 
  Oh. My. God. I don't know how you do it! You and writermama take the gold medal in nursing! 
Oh, good thing they deleted it. One of the mods may have caught it before Jodie or I had a chance to blow the whistle. There's nothing more annoying (for me at least!) than trolls... They always get everyone upset and then take off! Boy, that really burns my biscuit!!
Wow Vegan, I am so sorry you're going through this. I, unfortunately have no experience with the drugs they gave you, although it would kind of freak me out if my blood pressure dropped through the floor after taking it! That's a bit scary, along with all the other scary things you've been enduring over the past two days.   I hope someone on here has some info for you.   Feel better mama!! 
If I squeeze than I can get some colostrum, but no leaking yet (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't start until after baby). With all 3 of my other pregnancies I never really leaked until about a week before birth or after birth, but I know our bodies remember, and so it would not surprise me in the least if it started pouring out tomorrow! My sister, who had 4 LO's, never leaked while pregnant until #4, and then she had to wear breast pads from about 7...
It's official ladies! We are starting our third trimesters. My due date is March 1st, and I am 27 weeks today, so I know there are a few of us, and everyday there are a few more!!    I for one, am so excited to be entering into the third tri... It's the home stretch!! And so far (although that could change at any moment...) I feel pretty damn fabulous! It's pretty amazing to think that over the next 4 weeks we all will be looking down the final road until our babe's...
I would think that feeling lots of movement down low would mean a breech babe. My little girl keeps flipping, one day she's head down the next she's breech, I am also almost 27 weeks and this doesn't bother me at all. All three of my boys stayed head up until after 35 weeks, my first DS flipped at 38 weeks! So I guess I don't mind her indecisiveness. When she is head down though, I know it with out a doubt. The kicks are very strong and about belly button area and...
This is very interesting. My midwives have two pools that we can rent for $100, but the fishy pool is $45 and we may even use it again during the summer. I am almost thinking of buying this one instead of renting from our midwives. We also have a small area to put it in, and I have been concerned with weather or not a regular birthing pool would fit. I would be devastated if I couldn't have a pool to get into during birth. It was a god sent with DS3 and I can only...
Oh this is even more reason to use it for a middle name. I had no idea what it meant and I am loving the meaning..
Wow cocoanib those are gorgeous! I love the grape vine along your shoulders, very pretty! And you tied your daughters name into the vine, very clever... I can't imagine having a DH that did tattoos, I would be getting all kinds of things done and end up with them covering my body! Not something I necessarily feel is for me. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, I love looking at tattoos..
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