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I wish I knew an answer! Sending prayers your way, mama!
Its funny you guys are talking about people driving you crazy with the "Is the baby here yet?" questioning. I was dealing with the same exact thing, and it got so bad I just started leaving my phone on vibrate and in our bedroom so I wouldn't hear it buzz. My sister and a very close friend of mine were by far the worst out of everyone! I snapped at both of them and my mother when I was at 5 days over and all three were either calling or texting at the same time! I told...
Wow!! So cool looking!
Writinglove can you give me a little more info so I can put you baby on the "March New Babies" list?    Sex of the baby, weight, height, and birth day... Thanks!!
Here is another one of Lucianna, taken last night, one week old... Wow it goes fast!    
Yay!! Congrats on another successful VBAC! He is beautiful, enjoy your baby moon!
I need some help getting this thread updated. I have been shuffling through all the threads looking for who has had a baby to update this, but they are all spread far and wide and I know I'm missing people. Can we make this the designated thread to do the small announcements, and then birth story's in their own thread?    Also, if you give me a date I will put that into the birth info as well.   Thanks so much ladies, I really want to get everyone on here and...
Hello everyone!    I'm sorry I've been blissed out in my baby moon, I cannot beieve its already been a week! I finished my birth story, and i feel like my head is back in the game to update the baby thread and to be a leader again... I had truely forgotten how much the baby moon takes over all ability to function, haha!   Well, without further ado...     On Wednesday night, I went to bed around 11:30, my normal time. I laid in bed for about an hour looking...
Just a quick update. We had our baby girl last night at 8:11pm, it was a fantastic home birth! I caught her myself, in the water. She was almost born in the caul, it broke as her head was being born. I will write up the birth story soon... But until then, I'm loving our baby moon! Lucianna Quinn... 8.2oz. And 21.5 long
Oh Melany... Hugs and prayers mama! I'm glad the surgery went well... All you can do is to take it one day at a time
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