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I remember when I weaned my 8 yr old, it was very hard. He was also a hard core nurser, and wanted nothing to do with solids. He was still exclusively breast fed at 16 months. At that point he was nursing so much it became a strain on me, and I knew I was going to have to push him very hard to supplement with some solids. After a lot of coaxing, begging, and prodding, he finally went down to 4 or 5 sessions a day. Out of the blue, he suddenly started eating more solids and...
 I think that may just be your cure! It's too bad you couldn't get away to a friends house over a weekend, you would probably feel very rejuvenated after a tiny hiatus!
I am a crafter wannabe!!    I do have a sewing machine and a serger, somewhere in my parents cellar. I have been getting ideas of making some really cute pants that I found on Pintrest, here is the link for the nightie ones and here for the yoga. But if you didn't notice. They're pretty girlie, so I think I will wait until after our US and we know if I can sew cutie patootie girlie things or not.   When DS3 was born I had sewn all of his CD hemp inserts. I may do...
May be call your midwife, just to ask her opinion? If I saw any kind of spotting/bleeding thats the first thing I would do.   Good luck!
I hope you will feel better soon, I'm so sorry Betsey 
I can feel your pain. Our home birth midwives charge $4000 for everything, and after insurance pays there will be a $1300 out of pocket cost. We decided to pay them some every month to pay it off. Our midwives require its paid in full by 34 weeks. It does seem very silly considering a hospital birth would be fully covered, but will cost upwards of $13,000-15,000 depending of course on interventions used. It seems like a no-brainer for insurance companies to cover the lower...
I just went to Gap and bought a pair of their maternity Long and Lean jeans... They're super comfy, and I have heard from others that they'll last all the way to the end. Maybe try those? Although I don't know if jeans are okay for work wear.
Yay!! I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and so happy to be going into the 2nd trimester next week! I have been feeling better, but I'm still in sloth mode, although I read that could last a few more weeks. But hopefully energy will be making its way back! Sheesh... It would be really nice to get things done around the house without feeling like I need a nap in between!
I feel the same way. I never felt like this with my other three either, and also all boys. I also am not the kind of pregnant woman to have cravings, and I have very strong cravings with this one. The difference between this pregnancy and my others is like night and day! I hope that means girl, it would be really nice to balance out all the testosterone pumping through my house!
What a perfect name for this lazy feeling, I'm joining the group of sloths! It's amazing how hard it seems to be to just get a few things done... If I clean the kitchen than I need to sit down for a half hour. It's really annoying... I am very ready for the 2nd trimester! Get my energy back and start to feel this little bean! I love being able to feel them kicking and rolling around in there, by far, the best part of pregnancy for me.
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