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Hahahaha!!! I have to put an arm across mine while driving on bumpy roads! Vermont has awful bumpy roads and it hurts to have my boobs bounce like that... Ugh! 
PS...   Sorry if I have made anyone here uncomfortable with my post. That was not my intention. I seem to talk about it when I feel like it pertains to something going on in my life. I also seem to forget that that subject tends to make others very uncomfortable.   I apologize.   If anyone feels it is too much to have on here, please PM me and I will remove it. 
The number 1 in 3 is what my midwives told us. That did seem a bit high, but it doesnt really matter anyway, amnio risk is not why we opted out of gen testing, it has everything to do with the false positives of the screens, and our low risk of having a problem.   I do wonder too though if the medical community has made the miscarriage numbers low to make it seem lower risk than it is. That would not surprise me in the least. 
Hi Rayna! Too help you out with all the acronyms, and yes there are A LOT! lol...   EDD- expected due date BFP- big fat positive DH- darling husband DP- darling partner DS- darling son DD- darling daughter TTC- trying to conceive  MIL- mother in law FIL- father in law US or u/s- ultra sound MW- midwife BF- breast feeding   There is more, but thats all I can think of right now, may be some of the other mamas will chim in here...   Welcome to March DDC!!
Betsey.. I am 37, the high rate of false positives in those test was one of the big reasons I didn't want to do any. My sister had a false positive and needed an amnio, the amount of stress she was under was unreal. And on top of all that anmio's are dangerous too, our midwife said 1 in 3 women end up miscarrying after, yikes!    We are getting an u/s at 20-21 weeks, I feel as though our family history (no abnormalities on either side) and our healthy lifestyles will...
We had our first prenatal with the midwife group yesterday. DP came, as he will with all our appointments. He was very impressed with them, and is getting excited about our home birth, yay! We couldn't find the heartbeat, boo! But, she said little bean was still so small, and probably hiding behind the placenta, which we heard loud and clear. I'm 11 weeks tomorrow, so it's not unusual. We decided not to do any kind of genetic testing, and they thought that was a good...
Revolting-  Wow, really? I knew that some people did that. What ia the reasoning behind it?   Like I said before, to each their own, but there are some things I could never do. Eating the placenta is one of them 
I think that for some, this is a great option. As for me, not so much. I will be waiting for the cord to stop pulsating, but allowing the placenta to hang around for 10 days is not my thing. To each their own though!
@Cocoanib and Maydaymom10   Thanks guys, I will check out those options... I am sure it is just my pickiness that is the real issue. My current capris, that fit, have the flare legs and I like that look, its a little less "workout" looking so I can get away with wearing them out. To be honest, this in-between stage really stinks! I want to either fit into maternity or my regular clothes... Oy!
  We are not married, and I think DP and his father automatically thought this would be an issue for me. Personally, I have no problems giving the baby his last name. My oldest has my last name, and my brother has a son, so the family name will carry on. What about both names? I know of quite a few people using both last names now.
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