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  Oh thank you!! And yes, I do!! I had him very young, I was only 16 when I found out I was preggo and had him a month after I turned 17. My sister convinced me the only way to feed him was to nurse (she already had two LO's), so I tried it, and ended up nursing him until he was 16 months old!!    I lost track of this thread, I gotta take pictures tomorrow and put them up, my belly is getting HUGE!!
So I did some research. It's kinda my thing. I like to dig into things and find out whats what. I finished the website I was doing as a freelance job this afternoon... YAY!!... And had some time to dig around the web looking for info about pre eclampsia. Like with a lot of doctor/pharma related things, I always have doubts as to what we are told and what the truth really is. I always question authority.    I wondered about a few things. 1) what are the real...
  I am soooo spacey! I went to the grocery store the other day to get everything I needed to make chicken fettuccine Alfredo... Came all the way back home to realize I forgot the dang CHICKEN! How do you forget one of the main ingredients? Duh! I also have seemed to forgotten how to spell everything and I am repeating myself to the kids... My 12 yr old said to me the other day, "yeah. mom. you already told me that. Twice." I was like, oh! I did?   
  Hahaha!!! I bursted out laughing when I read your post! Morgan Freeman is not on my list of sexy Hollywood stars either! Next time go to sleep with Tatum Channing on your mind, then you'll have a fabulous dream, lol!
Oh boy, I don't know what to tell you! Not only may you not have a chance to dump a little here and there, they may also notice you not actually drinking any.    What if you pretent that your drinking a mixed drink? You or DP could make it, and it could look like a mixer. I drink OJ and cranberry together all the time, and if you toss some ice in it, it looks just like a mixed drink.   Just a thought! Good luck!
I'm in the same boat! I always get constipated when I'm pregnant, and yup, it's already started here too. I get very crampy when its been awhile since I've been able to go. Very annoying.   My mother is a huge believer in Apple Cider Vinegar, so I just might try it. She usually just takes it like a shot, and then drinks a glass of water after to wash it all down. Yuck! But it does seem to cure a slew of ailments!   
  I like Bowie and Lennox. Lennox sound rich, and who doesn't love Bowie?    I have to agree with you, Harrison is a nice name, but Harrison Hudson I think may get him picked on... We have the same problem, I really like Pembrook, but with DP's last name, Pearo, not so good any more!
No my BP was high, but I was listening to my body, and I had a very good feeling I would deliver quickly if I did it my way. They connot force you to do anything, the OB told me my risks and I understood them... He didn't like my response to his suggestions, but I was the boss, his words. I do not think everyone should take the same stance that I took, but for me it worked out perfectly. I truly believe that the key for me was listening to my body.
  Clumsy... Haha!! Don't you just love preggo cravings? It's so weird how our bodies deceive us like this..
SSL in advance!   My first birth was in a hospital with an OB. I was only 17, and my mom, who was a Lamaze teacher, was there with me (she has attended 100's of births via her students). Thank God my DS was the 6th baby born that morning, so the OB was running around like crazy and really didn't have time to be a bee in my bonnet. He came into the room just in time to catch my DS. It was a good experience, I did it all natural, no IV for whatever reason, just my mom...
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