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Yeah!! So glad to see you!    I hope everyone else will show up soon... I know its a pain in the rear to take the pictures and then up load them, but its so much fun as time goes by. We did this in my last DDC, and we all really enjoyed it, plus its so neat to put faces to names...     Comon' ladies!! 
Okay, Let do this! Lets start a thread dedicated to our growing bellies...   Take pictures as often as once a week, or maybe only once a month, but get your belly up here! One thing you will always treasure is how your belly grew, and seeing it is so amazing. No one can be self conscious, we are all here to support one another, so there will be no judging allowed!   I will start!   Here is my belly at 5 weeks...     I am a little surprised how much I...
I met with the two midwives for the first time last week, and have an "official" prenatal appointment for August. I really like them a bunch, and one has been doing home births for 18 years! I bet shes seen it all...    Having tea with like-minded parents is such a fantastic idea and what a great way to get to know others, I feel like I should orchestrate one around here! 
Agreed Carmen, you have to do what feels right, and what puts your mind at ease. I have taken all three of my hpt, not because they were iffy at all, but simply because its nice to see those two pink lines next to each other! I say if it makes you feel good, do it.
I'm so sorry... I hope that you have a fast recovery, and feel better soon.   I'm praying for you 
I am so excited that I feel like I may pop! But, I know we should wait a little bit before telling the world. We've told our immediate family, parents, our siblings and my children, but I am having a hard time not calling everyone on my contacts list to tell them the great news!! How long should we wait? Do most people wait until 10-12 weeks? That seems like forever from now!!
Since this is my first home birth, and my youngest DS is 8, I wasn't sure how to go about this either. I just called the midwives I knew I wanted to use after I found out I was preggo, and they made an appointment for me and DP to go in and meet them. It's basically a introduction, and then we say either we want them or we don't. I am assuming that after that appointment I will probably go in about 9-10 weeks.    I totally know what you mean!! I was so blown away when I...
I just found out last week we are expecting in March 2013! I have an appointment with Full Spectrum on Wednesday to meet the Midwives and such. This is my first home birth, and we are very excited... Its nice to see others that have had experience with this practice
I wish I had been paying attention! I live in St Albans, and I would love to expose my two DS's... Oh well, maybe next time
  EDD (feel free to use 1st or 2nd half if you prefer) About March 4th... but hoping for closer to my Bday, March 10th! Your Name: (if you would like to share) Jessica or just Jess Age: 37 State or Country: Vermont How long it took to you to get your BFP: 1.5 months What number child is this for you: 4th for me, 1st for DP Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DP Jason, DS Gavin, DS Peyton, DS Nickolas Baby's Gender (hopes...
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