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Yay!! I'm so excited to see all our babies!!
So I'm 40 today and I have a mw appointment at 11am. She's told me I can be checked if I want, but no pressure. I don't know what to do! After talking to my sister the other night, I realized we are the same when it comes to birthing babies. With all of hers, once she had a soft and favoritable cervix, all she needed was a tiny push, and bam! She would go into labor and deliver a couple hours later. Tiny push meaning anything, she did cohash with one, caster oil (which I'm...
  Sorry I didn't see this until now...    I tested positive for GBS. It is very strange because I have never been positive with the others and this time I eat so much better... It's almost annoying!    Anyway, my mw and I talked about my options and her thoughts on the entire thing. She feels that GBS doesn't become a threat to the baby unless the waters have been broken for more than 18 hours, than it can become a problem. So, what we decided to do is not brake my water...
You're in my thoughts and prayers Melany and Anna... I hope everything turns out well and Anna makes a full recovery!!  
If I get any info wrong let me know!! 
I live in St. Albans, and go to Burlington quite a bit. I have 3 boys and due to have my first girl any minute now... Literally! She's due March 1st! I would love to get a Burlington mammas play group going. I, like you, have not found any other moms with my parenting ideas. And because of that I don't really have many friends, just a bunch of acquaintances . My DP currently works in Williston, so we are looking to move down to that area in the next year or two. So this...
I bet you and I will be twiddling together... I feel fine this morning, and now I'm dreaming about nesting!
Haha!! Maybe? I want to get to March, then she's free to do what she likes... Only 16.5 hours... Haha
Buko, you crack me up!! The countdown is so funny, and I agree with you... All this counting down and then you will be left twiddling your thumbs for a week!! Wouldn't that just be the way??   AFM. I had something different happen this evening. I lost my mucus plug! Obviously it doesn't really mean anything, but its nice to know my body is doing something... I haven't had a change in contractions, they're still easy to walk/talk through. I have felt kinda strange,...
Praying and hoping the babies get better soon!! WLL I hope you will have good news for us soon!
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