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Oh Jodie, he's beautiful!!! You must be over the moon that you had a boy! Enjoy your babymoon mama!!
I have dates, energy bars and I asked my dad to make a couple loaves of bread when he gets to my house for the birthday (my dad makes the most incredible scratch bread, muffins, cinn rolls, anything and everything baked...) I am picking up some recharge drink.    Not sure what everyone else is doing though. This is my first home birth so I am just going on what I like to nibble on, but I don't know if I am going about it all wrong...
What a cool  thread! I am trying to drink in every moment of this pregnancy, so I am sure I will miss a lot more than what I end up typing here. My last pregnancy I remember quite a bit, but there is so much about this one that seems new, even though I know they all did similar things. I think the biggest thing about this one is how I look and feel. With my boys I always gained a lot of weight, DS1 was about 50lbs. DS2 was around 70lbs and DS3 was 65lbs... As of...
Yeah!!! Congrats VYM!! She is gorgeous, and what a great birth story... Enjoy your babymoon!
That is cool! I'm a March (10th) baby as well, and I really hope my little girl comes in March... its only 6 more days, hold on baby! Hold on!
First of all... NO GUILT!! This is not your fault at all, you just happen to have a stubborn little rodent and that's okay. Moving on...   DS1 was posterior, and I birthed him out that way. Yes, I had wicked back labor and that was zero fun, but I pushed him out in 20 minutes, and all was fine and forgotten. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow. I was so young at the time (17 years old and back 1992) I had no idea about posterior vs. anterior or how to get baby...
Yay!!! I have to update the baby thread!    What a great week we've had, 3 healthy and great births... I can't wait to read the birth stories!
          Haha!! Oh Spugh and Slim you crack me up! 
Is anyone else feeling ready to snap? I am usually so patient with my kids, and they usually make me laugh because they're both such comedians. But for some reason I have been snapping at them, and even the tiniest things, like Peyton singing Gangnam Style and dancing in the kitchen last night, makes me cringe and feels like nails on a chalk board. I don't get it! It bothers me that I am reacting this way, but at the same time I don't feel I have any control over it.. 
Buko.. That is amazing!! And it's in the New York Times? LOVE IT!! This country needs to get their asses in gear and change the maternity leave policies! This is a very sore subject for me, and it bothers me so much that this country is so anti-family... and that's what it is, anti-family. 
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