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Homeopathic osccilococcinum works well for some women who vomit repeatedly during labor.
I have The Beatles, Ryan Adams, Alison Krauss, k.d. Lang, Neil Young, Civil Wars, Bright Eyes....... I'd love more suggestions though. 
I have such fast labors that I haven't had good luck actually getting to use my birth playlist, but this time I'm going to try! What songs/artists are you compiling for your birth music playlist? 
Yay! I was hoping too see pics from our twin mamas! 
26 weeks. Whether I look big or small from day to day very much depends on how baby is laying. This was an "out front and center" day. We weren't going to do a FB announcement but then this week we finally decided we kind of needed to. 
Oh good! I was wondering since it looks like our numbers are dwindling, what we should do with the extra beads we all sent? Divide them so each person gets more than 1? That's sounds like less work than trying to match them up again to the sender and mail them back. Thoughts from anyone else? I'm OK with whatever is easiest for Sihaya, thanks again for doing this!! 
 The actress Saoirse Ronan spells her name like this. Which is a beautiful traditional spelling, but would probably be misspelled her whole life. 
I mailed mine too!!
Are you close to South Coast Midwifery? Is that one of your options?
We're expecting a blizzard here today, so I'll mail mine tomorrow. 
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