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 Yep, in Anch.  Not beautiful but still hardy Stokke chairs :)
Hello, I've been absent for quite some time but today, my kids told me they're too old for their Stokke chairs.  LMK if you know of anyone who'd want both for $30. One has the seatbelt, one got cut off a couple of years ago.  They're def'n well used but not sure if they'd be appreciated if I just dropped them off at charity.  Cheers 
Welcome, neighbor! It's lovely here I spent many hours wandering the zoo w/my Littles & then onto the Hillside or Prospect Heights trails.
Pretty sure they meant Rabbit Lake trail. It goes up the back side of Flattop. It's up Upper Dearmoun. Turn R on Canyon Rd & drive as far as you can. Seems like most people go to Arctic Valley/Rendezvous Peak for berries. We got a ton along Powerline & Winner Creek but I bet they're getting picked over. Good luck
Claire--good bye & enjoy your adventures !
We grill a lot. + we have lots of bonfires it seems.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi I want one REALLY badly. She gives a teacher discount if you order off her website. I think it's something like snowsmart.com ? Too lazy to look up. But, OMG they are fabulous. It's always my quads & butt that freezes so this is just the perfect layer. When I am skiing, I zip it up to mid thigh & have full movement. I just like the knee level but I went w/some gals wearing ankle length today & they...
Hmmm interesting about the salmon. No idea. YEA yurts! Amazing how warm they can be in the winter. The limited light would bother me but then again, the more windows, the less heat, etc. Anyone in Anch been skating at Westchester? It's a lot of fun w/the burn barrels set up on these cold days. The ice isn't perfect but I'm so impressed at how many families are out having fun.
I find that people love it or hate it. And, not just surviving winter but ENJOYING winter makes a huge difference in whether people stay or not. Winter rocks. Although, I must say I've been wearing my winter skirt the past couple of chilly days.
Yeah really depends on the part of town you'll be in for the Church. And, yeah, Ak Club s*cks but we do pay the monthly charges even though we usually only go once/month to swim. How old is your son? Sledding parties at Kincaid are a blast. We're going today. You just have to check to make sure there are no races scheduled before you head out. You could totally go snowshoeing--just make sure he's in a good carrier or do some mellow back country skis w/him in...
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