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I just got home from Kincaid. Crawling w/kids of all shapes & sizes. Plus, the chalet's avail as a warm-up!
Yep, I was going to suggest you visit one of the Parks & Rec facilities to pick up a flyer. They have tons of activities going on outdoors. There are gazillions of fun outdoor people doing fun outdoor activities in Anchorage. Until you can connect w/some friends, I'd suggest you just go DO some fun stuff w/dc & start meeting people. Besides the zoo, also check out the Eagle River Nature Center. They have a Knee High Naturalist class and lots of kid...
Yep, guessing I know where PhoebeMommy lives and that's a great little pocket. Don't give up just b/c of the airport map. The whole Spenard & Lake Hood areas have some really cool neighborhoods & a couple of good school choices. Also has some areas to steer clear of, though. I lived in 2 diff Spenard n'hoods for a couple of years. LIvely to say the least.
Yeah, "late" babies here, too. Mine were all 2 weeks over the due date & perfectly wonderful. Don't worry...lol, sounds so trite.
Oooh very cool! You should try to live in your school area. You'd love to have your kids go to school there AND have it also be your neighborhood school. Great area but be aware the last mile up the hill to O'M elem is SLICK unless you have good studs; ie. I know that today the hill will be lined w/cars in the ditch. Fabulous area & school--PM me w/any Qs but I do stink at replying.
Wonderful! I went to college many moons ago in Portland & still prefer Anch. I'd say PM me but I'm lame about replying. Do you know (I assume yes) which school? We definitely have a wide variety of schools & neighborhoods. I've found that the more active & social people are (esp in the winter) the happier they are here in town. Go get some skis or studded running shoes & enjoy the moonlit frosty darkness. And, yeah, most people pay the Ak Club's outrageous...
Happy November! What a gorgeous way to kick off a new month. Weather was superb, & well lit, for Halloween.
fwd Limited H1N1 availability postpones some ASD vaccine clinics Due to limited availability of the H1N1 vaccine in the state of Alaska, the district is forced to revise its vaccination plan originally developed by ASD and city officials. The school-based vaccination clinics will begin on Nov. 2 as scheduled at all elementary schools. Middle, high and secondary alternative school clinics must be rescheduled for a later date, most likely in December when...
Liza, I think you're fabulous but do be careful. We had sign up tonight & ohmygoodness parents were THRILLED at the opportunity! I don't mind working my day as I can wash my hands non-stop. I think it'll be a wasted day as far as education, though. I don't know what I'd do if I were pg. Put a fence around your desk & have a day of silent reading?
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