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Funny, I JUST finished reading Mercola's new "Swine flu ALERT." He mentions Vit D as a strong preventive. And, C of course. Hmmm I think I would go for the mask & sign, too.
Yeah, I do understand the reasoning esp as they're viewing this as a prep for something serious; ie. smallpox, etc. And, my kids' school is strongly encouraging parents NOT to do it; ie. go to the dr if you want the vax. At MY school, I bet all the kids will get it. Fun day. I'm pretty sure I'll keep my kids out. Too many variables. And, seriously, even if it is a gel, I see so many kids everyday w/their fingers up their noses... I can't imagine hygiene would...
Ugh, unbelievable. Here, parents aren't allowed to be at school when it happens.
I'm just curious about what AK Mommies will do -- not sure if this applies to other states so please don't move. My kids' school will dist nasal and im swine flu shots Nov 5th. (They're actually really encouraging parents NOT to do it at school; ie. if you're going to get it, go to the dr.) I am actually considering holding the kids out of school on this day. What does everyone else feel about it? If it were just the shot, I wouldn't care but I shudder at the...
Our dr has had all of us on Vit D for years. I only do it in the non-summer season, though. Hey, anyone know if oscillococcinum would help w/the swine flu as well as the regular flu? It would make sense, right? I just started taking it last night.
Yeah, all schools are PODs--Points of Distribution. Teachers are strongly encouraged to get the flu vax but optional for all.
Quote: Originally Posted by spruce We got snow, snow, snow! The kids are demanding I get the boxes of gloves out, and W spent last night knitting a scarf. I love snow! P YES Me, too!!! I am so excited! It was great running w/the kids today looking up at the massive snowy mountains & feeling that nip in the air.
Quote: Originally Posted by heartmommyak Does anyone know about any fall fest types of things going on this month or next? In the valley or anchorage or somewhere in between. I heard that Pyrahs Pioneer Peak farm is having something next weekend... pumpkin picking, hayrides, etc. Is there anything else similar going on though or any other fun fall time activities going on in the area? Pyrah's is 1-7pm next Sat. We also love the Tuesday...
New Posts  All Forums: