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Quote: Originally Posted by mamatoni I teach at a high school here in fairbanks, we have had A LOT of swine flu, I'd say at least a few kids in every class have had it (I have 4 classes of 25), most seem to be out a few days feeling miserable, then right back. It does seem REALLY contagious but beyond that, not so bad for the average person without other medical conditions... I have been trying to boost my own immune system by sleeping I never get...
Quote: Originally Posted by liza-s That is why schools/day cares are such germ factories - kids have now idea what washing hands actually means. 7 kids out in ds' class today. YIKES Well based on the premise that good rest/sleep will strengthen the immune system, we're all headed to bed to read Pokemon books now. Well, Pokemon for them at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi We aren't talking about a "speech" ... We are talking about controversial lesson plans. I think. Yep, I'm curious from a school standpoint rather than a political one. It's been a huge discussion. I don't know of any teachers doing anything w/it but then we're elementary. Can you even imagine dealing with the cross fire btw parents who are so polarized on these issues? Yeah re the 10 y.o. in...
Anyone's kids watching the speech next week? I'm not asking for political reasons (don't ban me ). I'm just curious if anyone IS doing it. I don't know of any grade schools here in Anch. GORGEOUS day & weekend. Happy 3 day weekend to everyone!
ha funny--one of my kids would eat Nutella/PB sandwiches everyday if he could. We do a couple days/week of leftovers. I found some good Nissan stainless thermoses with wide mouths that work great. So, hot food a couple x/week and ham/cheese or NPBs the other days. We do the organic choc milk from CostCo. Sliced fruit in a reusable container. Odwalla bar for morning snack. And they have talked me into a junk food/day. I repkg a tiny bag of Doritos. This...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi Yeah, but we get out pretty early.. and I think the reason we start and end early is because of culturally relevant harvesting.. We changed a couple of years ago to accomodate SBA testing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi Don't remind me. I am NOT ready to go back to work. Yeah, I hear ya
Quote: Originally Posted by mtn.mama Watermelon berries are also called twisted stalk. I like them best fresh and then I spit the seeds far and wide to grow more plants. Get the book Discovering Wild Plants by Janice Schofield if you really want to learn... LOVE that book! Funny, I always think of watermelon berries in reference to a Crow Pass trip I did one year w/o enough water--we were loving those big fat juicy berries!
Quote: Originally Posted by xekomaya We're city folk so I think Anchorage will be a good transition for us. Eventually we may what to end up in Girdwood and be skibums, but I don't want DH to drive that commute every morning. Ahh I just can't wait for that fresh air: and open space! Go for South Anchorage. Takes us 35 mins to be at the ski hill
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