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Subarus rock! : I've had one up here since '95. Now, we have a new giant one and one that has 160K on it. V interesting about the garlic. I never knew why mine wouldn't work. I may try that link to order--thanks!
Pinokoi I am so very sorry for you & your family. Yeah, the library stinks. We've been going on Tuesdays, though, so this won't affect us until school starts back up. And, yeah, our taxes are high but I am satisfied that we have a lot of services & options. Hoping our new folks aren't successful at bringing in sales tax, though! So, non-political, I found it interesting that Sarah runs decent marathons. I wonder if she'll do Humpy's next month now that she's...
Ah it's really very hot out today. I mowed the yard and pulled some weeds but phew...time for some lemonade. The lupines and the bleeding hearts are out in force. Not too colorful yet, though.
ITA re Once Upon a Child. They are pretty pricey. I do think you'd get similar deals at Fred Meyers or Walmart. And, I dont' believe they give much for trade-ins. I stopped going there & just freecycled all of our stuff instead. Fireworks Fri midnight in Whittier!
Congratulations YES Happy Father's Day to all those significant males in our lives. :
Claire--congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : NZ is breathtaking & the people very kind & welcoming. Any idea on which island he's likely to get a job offer? and I have 2 honest yet aggressive realtor friends if you're still looking for one. Good luck on a fast, $, sale!
Penelope--I think I love you. :
Quote: Originally Posted by 1stimestar Seriously, I would sit up and walk out. They work for YOU. Would you hire a house painter and not want to know what color he will be painting your house? ITA :
Quote: Originally Posted by L&K'smommie Gretchen at Real Time II in Wasilla and she was able to tell me everything, no waiting for the u/s to get to my MW. Is she the one kind of behind WalMart? We LOVED her. : We had an awful experience at the one in Anchorage near UAA (lake otis & 36th) the first time.
Yep beach Wish insurance would cover that rx!! Forgot to mention--she highly rec Lever 2000 soap as it has mild anti-bacterial benefits. We tried elidel the first year--nope. Atopiclair--nope. Could it just be that he hates "being creamed?" My son is so phobic about putting anything on & I get that. However, he chooses Vani Cream when I ask him to pick something to put on. I don't know your history but oral MSM seems to really help my son--his is a rxn to...
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