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Okay, we've dealt w/HORRIBLE seasonal allergies for 3 years. We've done all sorts of specialists, including a couple at Avante. It all just came screaming back a couple of weeks ago & we went to Dr Neeno at the allergy clinic, Thurs. I feel that we got the most comprehensive treatment (ever!) & after 4 days of following her tx to a "t," ds is now 98% clear. I expect the final bits of infection (folliculitis from scratching) to clear in another day. YES, we ended up...
Unfrozen----not as helpful as I'd hoped but she recommends you call/visit these folks & ask for help/resources: Clare House. It is part of Catholic Social Services and is off of Arctic near Tudor. It is a good place for women with children to get back on their feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by unfrozncavegrl I am ok, but pretty wigged out about my future. Are you getting financial support from xh? If not, pursue that even if he's broke as it'll set up a record. I don't really know the resources but I know there ARE supports avail to help out b4 it gets to shelter point. I just emailed a social worker friend & will get back to you w/her suggestions.
Unfrozen--how are you? Where are you?
ohh now I see 2 pages of comments! Gotcha Unknown error
Okay, I am confused. I see a bunch of Qs moved over here to a new thread but I dont' know why. Is there an obvious answer I'm missing? Thanks muchly
I can't seem to figure out how to search so can someone please point me to an eczema thread if there is one? My ds' allergies kicked in 3am last night. He's been one giant itchy hive since then despite a morning zyrtec, 4 benadryls & numerous creams. Oh and yes, we've done the whole NAET tx, numerous homeopathics & natural supplements. Today was just the day that pollen blew strong. I am at wits end & feel like I need to start back at the beginning. We have a whole...
I see a box to search Mothering for info but I can't get the search button to click down to search through the forums. Is there a new trick I've missed? Thanks!
Congratulations !!
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