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Good luck to everyone doing the Heart Run today!! : Looks like a beautiful day in the making.
Quote: Originally Posted by dislocator3972 after watching an entire week of bears attacking hikers, we may need to get a gun just so that I'll leave the house! Seriously, do a class in firearm safety. I did one once w/some girlfriends & it was worth it. And, too bad, Anchorage just had a great presentation at the public library by Sean Farley about Bear Awareness;i e. dispelling myths and common sense, etc. Maybe you could catch something...
Quote: Originally Posted by cdanojohnson Hello! I'm new to Alaska and new to the boards...we live in Eagle River...do working mothers congregate anywhere around Anchorage? I'm pretty active with my son... How old are your kids? We have a lot of outdoor activities but probl in the age 5-9 range. I would guess this board is split 50/50 working & SAHM. Maybe a bit more at home. Do you work summers, too? Cara--I don't know. I *think* my...
Quote: Originally Posted by liza-s The ironic thing is that I might not make it. I think my 16 month old might have chicken pox... Oh that's too funny. Yeah, we got ours over & done with & are now on file. Quote: Originally Posted by brightonwoman As for the job fair, it went pretty well we think. He felt good about most of the interviews (including the ones with the districts we're hoping for), but the bigger...
It is impressive, actually, how many drills happen now. Some in theory now that the novelty's worn off, but on paper there are evacuation & stay put plans for just about everything. And, yep, it is true that everytime one practices (or is actually involved in a real but minor event) one finds things to improve. THAT is a huge positive, I believe. Different subject but I was watching some dumb TV show last night & the "bad guy" kept attacking women out jogging alone. ...
So, get this...scary stuff from the school district (Yep, we're not pro-vax) Clarification on Varicella Clinics The Varicella clinics that are being held this week and next are ONLY for students at the participating schools. The purpose of this Point-of-Distribution exercise is to test the ASD and Municipality's abilities to distribute a vaccine to students at their school site in an emergency situation.
: Happy Happy! Boy, yeah, it's gorgeous outside !!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by brightonwoman Maybe I don't want to be your neighbor after all Don't worry, it's uncommon. Although now that it's Break-up Season, all of our neighborhoods are icky esp w/that nice coating of ash on top.
Boy, that's really tough about the baby shower. I wouldn't have felt comfortable at all, either. Not sure what to do in that position. Would be nice to have a positive impact on a baby's life but not sure that's the right venue. Although...I did throw out an Ezzo book the other day. Happy Easter !!!!!!!! Dinner's almost on the table--kids are outside in shorts playing football.
Spruce I have no advice but send you some peaceful vibes to work it out to the best resolution. High Tea--that sounds lovely! I just got a new Shuffle and Oh my...I love it! : I have THE ear that iPod had in mind & I have THE simplistic personality iPod had in mind. ahhhhhh I'd like to say it shaved some time off my run but alas, it just made it more pleasant.
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