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Yeah I jump out of bed & head to the doorjamb w/kids, too. The funniest story I've heard was a teacher who was in the restroom for the '64 and rode it out ON the seat--holding tight.
Yep, I was up & yelling "UNDER YOUR DESKS" just b4 it stopped. lol
I bet it's listed somewhere on the district website. asdk12.org
We love ours but someone just asked the same Q a few (?) weeks ago & got a bunch of replies. May be worth scrolling for awhile so you can check out all the opinions. Good luck
Yeah, my son heard that on the news this morning & came running in to tell me. I'd turned off the computer last night believing it was orange and maybe going back to sleep. Oh well! Yep, I've been thinking my gardens will be happy. Funny, we were looking at a house here in town with 1.5 acres and 6 BR. But, this morning rather than drive over for an in-depth look, we bailed b/c of the long drive...guess that tells us we shouldn't move that far over. Only 15 mins...
Anyone doing the Gold Nugget? Registration is ZOOMING -- bet it'll be closed well before lunch.
We were way out camping & suddenly the world turned gray. Kind of apocolyptic feel to it. Interesting to be out of touch from cell phones, etc & just carry on!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ak Mom Anyone know how waitlisting goes with the Charter Schools? I put my kindergartner to be in a few lottieries-the best he got was number 18 waitlist for Winterberry. When does it all get figured out? We are moving up to either Anchorage or Palmer this summer, it would be nice to know if there is a chance of getting into Winterberry or not... I'm SURE he'll get in. Remember, most K parents do all the lotteries...
Best of luck! My youngest child just got #51 at the school I feel would be a perfect match for him. Now, we have to look at what to do if he gets picked up mid-year. Talk about tough choices all around! Yeah, they are all SOOOO different as are our children's learning styles.
New Posts  All Forums: