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Ooooooooooooh you guys rock! Thanks so much We'll definitely try a lot of new recipes this trip. ( Oh and bring the emergency mac & cheese just in case. ) Dh is in awe of the breakfast one in particular. AND, I know what we'll be drinking the first night in camp. Funny, one night last year we were all sitting around the campfire talking when someone looked at their watch and realized it was after midnight. Yeah, our kids were all together in one tent watching...
Quote: Originally Posted by Individuation Because you understand how to balance the sacred and the profane in ways that have eluded mystics and philosophers for millenia! A biscotti will be hand delivered to your home tomorrow by a studly young delivery man wearing only a leopard thong!
Why did I just hide in the bathroom and eat a chocolate dipped biscotti? I mean, I'm not in danger of starvation.
Personally, I wouldn't, unless it's excruciating. BUT, otoh I was able to walk down a ski hill on a broken knee w/a torn ACL. So, sorry it totally sucks. I'd still wait till tomorrow,though. Keep it elevated and use ice. If you have arnica/traumeel use it topically and use the homeopathic orally. It truly helps.
Planning out 5 days of meals. We have a double burner propane and an oven. B: omelettes with ham & cheese & bagels or pita bread. Maybe pancakes L: hot dogs or grilled cheese & soup or cheese & pesto on bagels for picnics D: premade chili or spagetti Lots of fruit & crackers, hummus & chips, cinn rolls & biscuits in the oven. Okay, that's what we ALWAYS do. I need fresh new ideas. ????
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Megan~ Yes, I am concerned about turning my child over to someone else. She has never gone to preschool or any other activity alone. She has been cared for by friends while we see a movie and even spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa once. She has not, however, been anywhere with people we didn't know very well and trust. This is a huge step for us. Have you considered homeschooling or finding a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jmo780 Part of me feels like a crappy "friend" but it is stealing in my opinion and it isnt right. Just a thought but maybe offer to pay it for her; ie .have her legally hooked up? I mean, if you care about her friendship and are just bothered by the morality of it, that would be an easy solution.
Yep, I gotta agree w/PP. If she were a friend, you'd voice your disagreement and then move on and beyond.
Yes, I have an adorable mini bottle of ketchup on my spice rack. I can't bear to actually bring it/use it on a camping trip. : It's been w/us for years now. I take the soaps, etc and use them in gift baskets for a charity.
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