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:)  Hey, purplegirl!  Thanks for sharing!
If you are looking at RRL from the point of view that it is an herbal astringent that is good for all aspects of the female reproductive cycle, it's good for all pregnancies.  It does not "induce labor."  It does seem to make the action and reaction of the muscles of the uterus work more efficiently together...and to make the elasticity of the muslces more, well, elastic. 
Ladies, thanks for keeping this civil.  :)  I know that the opinions about hands on/off and how to get there can be strong.  Let's remember that we are all here to do the same thing--serve women and be a witness to their labor and birth.  How we get there is not as important as how we serve once we are there.  And every woman needs their own kind of midwife, which makes it a good thing that we have different paths to attain our goal.   I agree with pathui.  If you...
I read it as "they would SCHEDULE a cesarean if she had not gone into labor..."  You can schedule the cesarean for 42 weeks, or 43. 
Welcome to Mothering dot Community!  We hope to see a lot more of you around here!  Have you posted in your tribal area?  If not, what state do you live in?  I will move this to your tribal area, where women in your area are more likely to understand what you need and respond! 
Moved this from Birth Professionals, to UC
Are you a part of the midwifery/birth community in that area?  You could call other midwives and ask if you could work with them until you leave to go to the East Coast.  Something that you'll have to look at, though, is if you are on call for more than one midwife, if you're at a birth for one and another's mama goes into labor, then whose birth do you attend?  And will that leave one midwife in the lurch without you? 
Well, I thought that's what we were here... ;)  I hope to see you participate in ways other than just posting to send people to another board, Barb, here in Birth Professionals.  We have a diverse group of participants, and so much wisdom to share.  Thanks for dropping in!
Even if she backs your midwife up and ends up being there, the midwife you HIRE WILL come to do the 6 week post partum.  Plus..did she do a 24 hour or 48, or 72 hour post partum, something in the immediate post partum to look for issues?  That is one reason that homebirth clients tend to have a lower post partum morbidity and mortality rate...more face time in the immediate post partum, by whatever schedule the midwife uses... but NEVER seeing you?  Uh, not cool.  Very...
Don't have time to answer all the points right now, but if she plans to breastfeed, glucophage DURING PREGNANCY has a good rate of regulating milk supply in PCOS mothers (just researched this today), and might also help to regulate her blood sugar enough to avoid GD issues... please ask her to research that if she wants to breastfeed her twins...talking to an IBCLCmay help.
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