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Here it is!
I would check craig's list for the doppler. I'm surprised at how many women buy expensive ones to use durng their pregnancy and then dump them on craigs list when they're done.
Having had a homebirth where I fired my midwife and transferred myself into the hospital for a difference of opinion in "care," and not having had a birth plan together for that situation (non-emergent transfer of care), I highly recommend having a birth plan ready. That said, I also strongly recommend that you realize that it's quite rare that you'll fire your midwife and transfer yourself in a non-emergent situation. SOoooo, understand that when you are transporting,...
Well, it's illegal to refuse you care, but I would bet that you will be "guided" to a repeat cesarean when the time comes unless you walk in with a baby plus three.
It IS necessary to supplement, very occaisionally. So, I would also have a sheet that talks about supplementation at the breast if the baby will latch enough to do so...and about how to supplement with an SNS and finger feeding if the baby will NOT latch at the breast. Jack Newman has some wonderful resources on his website, and is willing to share whatever info he has written, as well. Email him if you cannot find something specific, as he may have it in book form, and...
I start with palpation skills. You find the poles (head and butt), and the back and limbs if you can. Then if you have questions, you use the doppler. Sooo, if the placement of the heart tones have changed, it's a good bet baby's position has changed as well. I'll cross my fingers for you!
Hello! Wanted to let you all know that there will be a Rochester Hills Clothes Swap on Saturday October 23, from 9a-2p. They are only doing kids clothes this time around, but the guidelines are the same as the Lake Orion Swap...clean, folded, and sorted by size, you put them on the appropriate tables, and then take what you need. No resale. Hope you can make it, and bring some friends!
Ladies, I am sorry, but I had to pull a few posts. We do not allow advertising your own business on thread, which includes linking to websites or including contact info on thread. If somebody outside of the business were to do that, it would be considered a recommendation, but if you own or work for the business it is considered "advertising" and is not allowed. If you need to share that information please do so by PM. Thanks for your cooperation! Warmly,...
I would recommend giving them numbers for LLL (and let them know that their help is free) as well as an IBCLC (who in some cases have higher level skills, but are fairly costly). Having options is a good thing!
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