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Yes, you are correct, DC stands for "dear child/children" and thanks for replying
Nope never leaked. I've been bfing for over a year now as well and I've never leaked a drop.
Haha just last year I was due Oct. 11th. I thought for sure I was having an October baby. Nope, she was born at 45 weeks on Nov 14th. I didn't have a single contraction the whole time. I tried everything to get her out at one point and nada. She was born when she was ready. I woke up at 4am with contractions about a minute apart. 4 hours later I was at 8cm.
That she's wildly independant...as long as Mama is within cuddling distance
Quote: Originally Posted by leahida This is the worst time of night for me. H is home, staying in the basement, and I can't talk to him. I don't know if we should divorce or try to reconcile, but I know this situation feels intolerable. It's been a little over two weeks now and I don't know how much longer I can take it. I know two weeks is nothing but so far it feels like years. s I soooo know what you mean here. He's there but he isn't. It...
Yes. LOL sorry, but fur has magical abilities. So magical infact that even after all animals are removed, you will still be finding fur in your house/clothes/car for the next several months at least. I love my animals HATE the fur!
Nope I never give money. I used to but once I offered a guy a sandwich instead and he got aggressive with me for not wanting to give him money so I just stopped. Plus I didn't have much money myself and I lived in Chicago where there is someone every corner asking for money.
Quote: Originally Posted by pamered_mom : Canned evaporated milk was used to substitute for cream. You just need to sub the other way. Yours will taste much better! I never knew that! I always wondered what it was exactly and how it was supposed to be used. Slightly off topic: what is sweetened condensed milk? Do they boil milk down and add lots of white poision (uh i mean sugar)?
Nope, in fact I had to explain to him why some girl was laughing at me NIP.
Quote: Originally Posted by super kitty Maybe there should be more focus on people *not* taking so much offense rather than just not talking about what's on our minds..... A lot of interesting discussion can come out of differing opinions... : :
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