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the only good parts of the movie were in the preveiws and once put into context they wernt good eather.
Too much meat is bad for you but too much of anything is. There is no real health reason to adapt a vegan diet. Vegans have shorter life expectancys; dead people dont lie. Look up the statistics. Fast food is the worst thing for you, and any thing cooked in a microwave should never be consumed.
I take that verse as scripture and I certainly don't think it means to beat children. In fact violence of any kind is against my Christian religion. Then you havnt read your Bible very closly
I have interest in this because my mother, and her mother/my grandmother, suffered from some form of narcissistic personality disorder, and narcissistic mothering was a big part of my extremely dysfunctional childhood Narcissism: Love of or sexual desire for one's own body. How is that a parenting style??!!!
How Could You Have Never Read The Old Women Who Lived In A Shoe Its A Very Common Story
Different things work for different people. You can find proff of any thing if you manipulate the statistics enough. Some people will turn out as psycopaths that aperantly had pritty good lifes and some people will turn out good no matter how bad they were treated, I mean just read the book a child called it he turned out ok in the end.
the sad reality is even if you make a law aginst the labaling of a device as a child spanking device theres all sorts of ways around that. Yes theres that one site that advertises child spanking padles but theres hundreds of others that labal them as for collection use only.for consenting adults only. and theres other disclaimers I cant think of right now, and all the prospanking people will find them and buy them and the less lazy and more creative will make there own
most soaps are mildly harmfull to the body just useing them correctly because your skin absorbs those chemicals but putting it in your mouth is the worst thing you can do. I'd recomend beating a child befor i'd recomend washing there mouth out with soap and personally i'd chose being beat than having my mouth washed out with soap and thats from having experence in both cases
POLICE have guns to protect themselves from bad guys who have guns for the wrong reasons so basicly its to even the odds.
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. You cant convence everyone. Dont talk the bible if he Knows it he'll quote all sorts of stuff out of it to prove his side. The bible dosnt say spare the rod and spoil the child verbatum but it can be paraphrased that way. The fact that its in the old testament is a worthless point because theres a pasage that says all the rules of the old testament applies in the new.
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