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Quote: Originally Posted by maya44 Here are mine: 1. It's simply not necessary. Children who are spanked (not beaten) are not any better behaved than children who are disciplined with non-physical punishment (or even gentle discipline). 2. It teaches children to be sneaky, to avoid physical punshiment 3. It teaches them that something that is wrong, hitting, can be justified for certain ends. I don't want to teach my child that the end justifies...
there not sexual if you vaued a life a cellabacy. there not sexual if your prepubecent
I use hair remover lotion. I tried to wax once never again that stuff hurts and trying to ask how to remove it thats interesting.
What I Said Was Nudity Didnt Count In And Of Itself And Your Statment Talks About Intent ?
Even if a woman shows her whole breast while breast feeding so what. Whats the big deal. There is no federal law aginst showing your breast or for that matter total nudity. If you want to state the indecent exposure law you need to look up what it realy says indecent exposure requires sexually oreantated. nudity in and of itself does not qualify.
Nothing in and of itself is sexual its all how you look at it and how you imagen it being used
Even some of the most prospanking people think its wrong to hit someone in the head.
Is it better to be a big boy or a little man
THE wonderfull thing about the mind is it always seems to remember things better than they realy were. I remember having a wonderfull childhood too, but you know what as a baby i was cercumcised. In young youth i was spanked. I have three older brothers that picked on me. And if i do as good as my parents thats good enough. ofcorce theres always room for inprovement. PERFECTION IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.
I beleave any form of body modification should be left up to the person. I cant beleave you would put someone throu that much pain for cosmetic reasons.
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