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I dont see how you can say there equal. Id rather someone turn out to be a sexual pervert than a homacidal maniack.
ok I see your point, but it is clear your solution wasnt as effective as you would like it to be. If you would just thank them for there advice and tell them youl consider it thay would probaby stop talking, and you can remeber thats your polite way of saying shut the fu## up you ignorant bit##.
Tell them exactly what it is you like about what there doing good job is not fully understood but luckally neather is sarcasime so dont wory about it.
There was a study done that showed boys respond better to spanking than girls. Ofcource that means you must find a diferent way to disciplene for the girl so you might as well yous that on both of them if it works so well.
What you should do is get a large old sheet to put under were he set dont give him to much food at a time. Tell him if he throws his food he wont be alowed to use the vacuume, and when the meal is over if there is any food under him you just pick up the sheet and throw it in the wash.
I realy think that is probably the worst article to try to state your point that spanking is wrong. There are better articles out there with actrual statistics that dont end with posable questions that totaly disqualify the whole thing.
acording to sexologist studys the forskin has 10000 pleasure sensative nerve endings so removing it means less pleasure for the man when he gets old enough to have sex. Studys also show the forskin protecs the head of the penis and keeps it moist so it can enter the women more easaly. So by removing the forskin you cause less pleasure for both partners. It is only done because of cosmetic reasons there is no viable medical reasons for the operation. You may have heard that...
no im just trying to make the point the bible or any book is not were to find out what is right or wrong you should just feel and know what seems right to you. you can read a book to tell you why what you feel is right. but the bible dosnt realy explain the why it just tells you shoulds.
Why do people insist on trying to justafy things with books the bible contridicts its self so much that you can read what ever you want out of it. I dont know how people decide what is metaphorical or literal or hyperbole. I think the bible very clearly is prospanking but why do you need a book to tell you what is right you should just be able to logicaly know and feel what is right. you can read the bible if you want but I dont know how you can interpet the blueness of...
All ot laws still aplie in nt mathew 5 17-19
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