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I dont think you are suposed to consider it symbolical nor do I know what it symbolical of if it is. That just dosnt make any sence. ofcource why do people think the bible is such a good book. It has more mean things in it than loving. If I were to do everything the bible says I would successfully eleminate atleast 90% of the world population.
Tell ok sounds good lets do all the other things it says to do stone to death women who wear mens clothing, homosexuals, and any one who works on the sabeth. and for a true test of there faith have them drink poison and be biten by the serpent and live just like the bible sugest to do.
well thers several others and what you said I didnt interpete it like you did. If your looking for a nice way to do thing the bible isnt the best choce I mean acording to the bible were suposed to kill a child that hits or curses there parents. Were suposed to stone to death women who were mens clothing, homosexuals, and any one who works on the sabeth.
Sadly Its true Its almost imposable to find an unbiased spanking study everyone seems to have there agenda and gather the information that suports there side. Its interesting that people say childhood spanking can lead to adult depression and alcahol abuse, there was a russean study done that showed whipping adults has been proven to cure just those things.
What I dont like about most of the studies i've read is they put all forms of corporal punishment together including very abusive forms that even the most liberal prospanking person wouldnt consider doing. All I want to see is a real study about non abusive spanking. I don't think people ever need to be spanked but why can't anyone show me a meaningfull study.
The reason why its illegal for him to sell a bong is because bong is a drug term. If you call it a water pipe or a tabbaco assesory then it becomes legal. If you go into a store that sells these "tabbaco assesorys and say your looking for somthing to smoke pot in they legaly cant sell to you. Stupid stupid laws.
You are truly over reacting and clearly don't know what pornography is.
the reason for separation of church and state is to keep the state out of church not church out of the state.
I have nothing aginst the pledge persay. What I don't like is how they make people say the pledge but then insist on calling Christmas break Winter break.
Now I have read many things and I have several certificats In the child care field. What I have gathered is it is best not to count because they learn not to listen to anything befor your count is up. It is best however to give them a transition fase. like saying were leaving in 3 minutes but since they cant tell time they dont have to be exact minutes. So if your counting is working good just make sure your doing it in a transition countdown way not a threatening way.
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