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Why should boys have to become a pope or a judge before they are alowed to wear a dress
There was a guy back in the 1940s that made a vehicle that ran on water. The information was taken there is not enough profit. Hybreed cars are a joke why does a brand new hybreed car only get 60 miles to the gal. a 97 2 door geo can get that. Just resently i read an article about a car that can run on compresed air. So why cant we get good cars.
spanking is a form of adversion therapy the thery is you dont repeat the offence because you dont want to expereace the adverse stimuli. This like all therys and beleafs have long lines of beleavers and people triing to disprove the thery in favor of there thery, and everyone has there statistics and facts to "prove" there side. You realy need to ask yourself is this fight the best use of my time. It may be and if you convence them it may all be worth it, but some people...
Well maybe you do need to be more open minded about taking advise I don't know what exactly she was triing to tell you but if you would of just listened and said thank you for your advise i'll consider that she would of probably stoped triing to convence you. Remember nothing is always wrong even a stoped clock is right twice a day. There are no facts only interpatations.
I really don't understand why football became known as such a geat manly sport. I was once even asked if I was gay just because I stated I hated the sport. If you like football thats fine just like if your gay thats fine, and at that football if you look at all sports football is the gayest of them all. You have a bunch of guys chaseing a testicle shaped object slapping each other on the ass when they get the ball near the "end zone" and to top it all off there...
Please tell me where and exactly what it says so I can be carefull not to express something that is in contrast to your preconceaved notions.
Yes it is true anyone can write crap in a book and sell it. When reading anything you must ask yourself who wrote it and why. When it comes to statistics and studies you must realy ask these questions. We all know the prospanking group can show you all there studies and the antispanking group can show you all there studies each of which show conclusive evedence to suport there cause. We all have heard the study that says sugar dosn't make kids hieper. What alot of people...
Im not tring to advacate anything Im meraly saying tring to say stoping the sale of spanking rods is stupid because spanking eqipment can be made by anyone and people who think spanking is effective will use it.
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