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Boulder has AWESOME Health Food Stores. Whole Foods Market is one of my favorites! I don't know about special education in Boulder. But I know Longmont has a program/school called Tiny Tim's. My god daughter with Cri du Chat syndrome went there and they loved it. Debbie
Janessa, Are you falling asleep ok, then waking up? Or are you just not falling asleep at all? You might want to try some Traditional Medicinal teas one called nighty night. http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com....html#Relaxing It doesn't say anything about bf so you might need to ask at your local heath food store. Debbie
Hi, I conceived my first child on clomid. But wanted to go a more natural route with my second. I took Natural herb fertility enhancers. I conceived my second child with in three months, and my cycle became very regular. I liked the herbs so much I started selling them. I have know other ppl who have used them and had great results. Contact me if you want more information because I don't want to spam. I would like to use this community board to share my thoughts and...
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