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wow I have no suggestions, but I wanted to empathize! Poor mama!
BHappy- I am taking 800 I.U. in my prenatal as well as 1000 I.U. morning and evening. My doc said you can take up to 4000 IU while pregnant. We live very far north ( 4 hours from Alaska) so we have very short days right now and very little sunshine. The vitD has made the crazy bad fatigue completely go away and now I just have normal pregnancy tiredness.
Hi everyone I have been absent due to Christmas craziness! But now that its done, I am back. Hope you all had a good holiday season. My kids were spoiled crazy. Pregnancy wise, feeling so much better since starting to take vitD. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow.
Take care of yourself!
And don't even tell anyone you are in labor until its all done!!!! With my first son, my dad decided to bring my grandpa for a visit. Seriously? WTF was he thinking?   I am having my husband and best friend. She was at my last birth and I have been at three of her births, she is great.
So just a heads up for all you tired mamas. I started taking 1000 I.U. of Vit D twice a day and feel like a new woman. It has really helped.
So yesterday at my doc appointment he could not find the fetal heartbeat with the doppler. So I had a horrible stressful day and went for a u/s at 5pm. The little one is fine though...thank heavens. HB was 172, and they dated me at june 22 versus my date of june 18th so that is insignificant.   So neat to see babe at this point. I have never had an u/s this early before because I generally only get one.
I hate to share this gem of info, but I get acne when I am pregnant and it doesn't go away until I am done nursing. It is big cycstic under the skin acne. After trying numerous solutions and talking to a dermatoligist and a make up expert, I have determine there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this type of hormonal acne. The most you can do is treat it when it appears. Proactive stuff is the best but very chemically. Tea Tree Oil works for some people (not me).
Melatonin helps to get to sleep (its safe too). Getting to sleep is so not my problem, I sleep so much and still am barely functioning. I am almost a safety risk for driving.
I don't think I could get more tired and am wondering if anyone is in the same boat. With my 2 previous pregnancies I was tired in the first trimester, but nothing like this. I would usually be ok until afternoon and need a rest then. Now, I sleep 9 hours at night and wake up tired. I really don't get anything done unless it is completely nessasary. I am taking 2 hour naps everyday and it doesn't seem to help. I literally feel handicapped in some way. Its hard to...
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