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Nothing greasy, even thinking about greasy food makes my tummy hurt. I have been eating lots of fruit.
Yes I do! I met her at our pregnancy outreach program when she was pregnant with #3 and I was pregnant with #1. We have been friends for 6 years. I attended her last 3 births and she was at my last one. I tell her everything and know everything about her. I see her at least twice a week and talk to her nearly everyday
My ds just started kindergarden and I am at a complete loss. When he went to daycare, they had a microwave so I always sent leftovers. Now there is no microwave and anything I send has to be nut-free. On an average day he gets: A pea-butter and jam sandwhich A apple a couple slices of cheese cucumber or green pepper slices a nut-free granola bar He is not complaining but I would like to give him some variation.
I will get 1 year paid leave
My doc will order 1 around 20 weeks. I am going to go to Vancouver and pay for a private one (3D) to determine sex. It is illegal for the hospital to tell you gender here and I really want to know. I guess a few years ago there were some cases in BC of people aborting babies due to gender. I don't need a dating one, since I know my dates.
I hope its not twins! I am really hoping for an easier labour, my first was a c/s after 3 days of labour, my second was a VBAC that took 43 hours....needless to say I had alot of interventions. With my VBAC I really wanted a med free natural birth, I lasted 26 hours with nothing. I would really like to give birth within 24 hours this time.
Welcome to the wonderful world of first trimester bloating.... Happened with my with my second at around 8 weeks.
hmmm. I will call Graco
We don't have proof of purchase.....I bought it off someone else.
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