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Love it! How ya doin HAM?
Ds1- wearing a coat. It is below freezing here now in the mornings when he has to get on the bus and he is always making a fuss about wearing a coat. Ds2- hotwheel cars EVERYWHERE....lol I suppose he belongs in toddlers though.
I really wanted to find out with my second pregnancy because I was scared of gender dissapointment. I REALLY wanted another boy and I knew I would be sad if it was a girl and wanted to know in advance. I really didn't want sadness to be part of the birth at all.
My vbac was very long and ds2 was posterior as well, he ended up being vaccummed out, I just couldn't push anymore. But it still was way easier than a c/s and I am definately going to be vbacing again.
I am so sorry for your loss
you need to get your husband on board and let him tell her. You should set a date for her to arrive a month after you are due, that way even if babe is 2 weeks late you will still get your time.
After speaking to a midwife friend, my c/s with my first was actually unavoidable. I was 37 weeks and I had pre-e and HELLPS. My liver was failing. Ds ended up being forhead presenting so he went into distress.
My 5 and 2 year old boys get bathed every night....the 2 year old because he is usually dirty in some sense. The main reason its every night is to help relax them for bed and I believe its a good habit to get into. One day they will be pre teens/teens/men and I don't want my kids to be that stinky guy no one likes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMJ Heaven is where God is. Jesus died so that we can go to heaven. People killed Jesus because of their sin. Hope that helps. It does a little with the last one. He unfortunately wants directions to heaven
At the moment I work for a non profit organization that contracts from the government to take care of adults with delays....I am a member of the government employee union and you are soooo right, the benifits are insanely fabulous. Full health and dental for the whole family plus I start at 5 weeks off a year paid.
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