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I had a doula with #2 and she was great (I actually ended up having 2 because it took so long ). I think what really appeals to me about a midwife is having her present more of the time. My doc was pretty in and out
Just a thread so we can get to know each other better. I am a community support worker, I work with adults with developmental delays. My regular shifts are 7pm to 7am on weekend nights (I get to sleep at work) so I think I will be able to work right till the end.
I think its a great idea
After 2 babies, my philosophy is whatever feels good and is doable. We did "doggie style" through most of my second pregnancy.
Just found out that I am pregant with #3. I had a hellish VBAC (still way better than a c/s) last time. It was 43 hours of back labor. I can't believe how wonderfully awesome my OB is. I think I asked for a repeat c/s 3 times during labor and he said no because baby was fine and I didn't need one. (Yes, I know, he is a GOD ) We now have a midwife in our little community and I am so torn. My ob is so wonderful, but so is the midwife. What to do?
only nightmares..... After both births of my ds's I would have traumatic nightmares reliving them. I have not had very pleasant birth experiences.
very faded car dealership leather key ring a school pic of ds1 plastic tag keys
Hello mamas, I am hoping you will let me join your thread even though I am not Catholic. My whole family is Catholic (I never ended up being baptized b/c when I was born my dad was not practicing and then my parents got divorced and I was raised by my mom). My son recently began kindergarten in a private Catholic school, and I am getting some super hard questions. Example Where is heaven? Why did Jesus die? I am beginning some training on Monday that the school...
Try not to worry. I am more of the whatever will be will be frame of mind. Hoping for you that this baby is sticky!
good luck!
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