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Did someone say bacon?     And geek, that little girl is creeping me out.   Anyway, I want to make our Xmas turkey this year with the lattice-work bacon I saw floating around on facebook lately.
Quit my job.  Immediately.  No 2 weeks I'd just GTFO.  Then, I would hire a an accountant and a lawyer (after much research and references, of course).  I would pay off my friends' student loans and mortgages.  Then, I'd move to NH or ME so I could start building a homestead.  I'd be shooting for a self-sustainable village kind of thing where I could build homes for my dear friends and family that I could tolerate to come live in.
  Yup   That's how I feel too.   My parents effed it up real good, in dozens of ways.  Basically, the only things they had covered were keeping us clean and fed.  They were emotionally inept.  Physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive.   I think my parenting has been one long experiment in proving to myself that I am not like them and I can do better.   Oddly enough, the two of them have mellowed out in their old age.  I know my mother knows that she was a bad parent...
Keep writing mama, we're here and listening.  I wish I could take all of this away for you.   
  I had dd2 at Manchester, and I had seen Russ the midwife (I'm sorry but I can't remember his actual name, it's been a few years), and he was wonderful.  I was kind of weirded out at the time by the thought of having a male midwife but he was very supportive of breastfeeding, not circumcising, waterbirth, and letting me labor in whatever position I wanted to.  He was great to work with :)   BTW, I lived on the CT/RI border at the time, and traveled about an hour & 10...
LMAO I forgot about this thread!!
My dd is 9 and is really interested in makeup...she like to label herself as a "tomboy" but she LOVES her tokidoki makeup she got for her birthday (it's pricey, but it was a joint gift kinda thing).  I don't think it is really her wanting to make herself look "better" but a way of her being artistic.  She is really into art and tattoos, and draws cool anime characters on herself all the time, so make-up art was just another form of creativity for her.   I was wary at...
I'm going to throw this out there for you to chew on.  Your daughter might have stranger anxiety because people other than your immediate family don't know what she is saying.  She knows this, so chooses to clam up.   My youngest daughter, now 5, has been in speech therapy for just over a year.  At 3 years old, the only people that could understand her were those in our immediate family--I understood her about 80% of the time, dd1 a little more, my husband barely...
I'm down in Pawcatuck, right over the border from Westerly :)   ETA: You made Sugar Peas?!  I loved those!  I only had one cover and I killed them because I had no idea how to properly care for wool and I shrank them.  They were awesome while they lasted though!  And they live on because I couldn't part with them so I turned them into a little pouch for my knitting notions
Hi!  Welcome back!  I live in SE CT and I am in the restaurant biz as well.  Gelato   Congrats on your noob!
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