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No. No. No.   My MIL and SIL will suck your soul out simply by being in their presence.   And my FIL had his soul sucked out by the other 2 long ago and being near him is rather...depressing.   They have a really screwed up family dynamic and we try to keep away from the crazy as much as possible.
lol I know.  'Cuz you know, southern New England is totally swarming with midwives from the south, particularly Baptist ones.   Maybe she just posted to the wrong thread by accident.  It gave me a chuckle though ;)    
Yes .  We've just been too damn busy lately to take it down.  I'm really glad that this year we seem to have snagged the Xmas tree that just won't quit.  It hasn't shed that much at all.   I swear, the sucker is going to come down tomorrow.
Nope, I totally understand how you feel.  For me, it is a comfort thing, usually I have a hard time paying attention to what I am reading on my laptop or iPad, like it is difficult to absorb what I'm seeing.  I don't have this problem with an actual book.
We see Dr. Eric George in Coventry.  He has always been really sweet to us, and understood and was ok with our issues regarding silver fillings.  Great people over there.
I've been using myfitnesspal.com.  It's kind of like facebook for weightloss, but I don't really use it like that except for some weightloss support from friends that I actually know IRL but they live far away.  I like it.  
Kudos to all of you that are doing the couch to 5K...I tried that last year and, well, let's just say there are few things I hate more than running :)
Hi everyone!   I'm struggling today.  Dh is sitting here chomping on Cadbury mini eggs and I had a few but I really, really feel like I can go to town on the whole bag...please let me have some self-control.
Thank you!  
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