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Sucks!   Kim chee?
Oh yes, right to the doctor we would go.  My dd gets nosebleeds often and of course has had the occasional stomach bug and I would be really freaked out if she had blood in her vomit.  I generally can't stand going to the doctor but this would be an exception for me.
Rocks!   Shrimp tempura?
Oh totally rocks!  It is my favorite quickie sandwich.   Popcorn with ACV and salt & pepper?  (please tell me there is someone else that does this).
I would probably travel.  A lot.  Being able to pick up and leave makes me feel a little wistful.
this sounds a lot like my dd2.  For as long as I could remember she would mouth everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (even sharp things like staples or thumbtacks), and it drove me mad.  She had to be watched constantly, I couldn't take it anymore, that plus all the other things she would do I just couldn't keep up with.   Finally right about your daughter's age I had a friend whose mom worked with kids that had sensory issues and suggested having her evaluated with an OT. ...
I'm not an insomniac but I work 2nd to 3rd shift hours most of the time so this is normal for me :).  I can't do the 9-5 thing on my days off so here I am watching Lost and trying to do some schoolwork.  But mostly just surfing MDC.   If you were here I'd offer you a beer and some leftover turkey stuffing
My DH is an auto technician.  He says alternator.
Holy cow!  You MIL lacks a brain-mouth filter.  I wouldn't say she is an evil genius though; just an evil...um, slang term for anus.
Hell. Yes.  I might have lost my mind somewhere along the way if I didn't get out and do something child-free once in a while with DH or friends.
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