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Also, we haven't received any info on who to send to...can the OP hook me up with an address?  I can cover RI or CT.
Hi!  You must have sent them to us, I didn't realize that they came until the other day (DH put them in the pile with the circulars and junk mail ).  Thank you!  DD1 thought they were cool and was very pleased with herself when she could find them on the map.  And prickly pear jelly...that is soooo neat.  I will have to try this if I can find prickly pears anywhere.   Thank you!
I let them go to town on the candy.  It was gone in 2 days and now we don't have to worry about it because aside from special occasions (such as Halloween), we don't keep sweets in the house anyway.  We just made sure we did an extra good job with the teeth brushing.   ...mommy of course helped the situation by taking 10% off the top after they went to bed...
I'm right there now, mama.  Yes it does suck.  A lot.    I second thinking outside the box.  PP mentioned going back to school, or trying to start a business at home...it is something to consider.
You both hit the nail on the head!      
I totally miss how things used to be around here.  I remember when you couldn't keep up with threads on TAO they moved so fast.  A lot of cool people have moved on.  This place is boring now.:(
I second this.  I am a die-hard extended breastfeeding mom but if you are emotionally and mentally overextended to the point where you are wishing that you or your kids never existed, then I think you should take weaning to go on different meds under serious consideration.  You are in a scary place right now.  Untreated depression can have some really awful repercussions on families.
That is great!
We must be living a parallel life because I could have written your post!
My favorite dining experience ever was about 11 years ago at the restaurant I was working in.  I was not working at night but my boyfriend couldn't pick me up for a few hours so I was on my own.  I asked my manager if I could just have a nice dinner by myself and he said ok.   So I sat on the patio next to the street, at dusk, just people watching and reading Wine Spectator.  Totally alone but surrounded by people.  I had a 5 course meal all by myself with a...
New Posts  All Forums: