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  oh how that made me laugh out loud! 
  This was my experience as well. IME, it has been learned. And I have to say there were good examples of parenting around me, (my best friend's family was like a real-life Brady Bunch, and I spent a lot of time with them to escape my own hell, also my grandparents were wonderful people) so that is how I learned what GOOD parenting was, but when the time came to put it into practice, I was a bloody mess.  Growing up in a domestic war zone meant that I had inadequate or...
Back off mama, she do it when she's ready.  My dd1 was fully potty-trained at 2 years.  Actually, I can't say I had much to do with it, she had a really bad diaper rash and it was summer and we couldn't put a diaper on her poor little butt.  So by the end of the week she figured out that if she didn't want to pee on herself she'd better make it to her potty.   DD2 was definitely more of a challenge, and she didn't figure out the potty thing until she was 3.5.  She...
Same here, he is wonderful.  Very supportive of breastfeeding as well.
My daughter would love to do this!  She is 8 and we live in CT.
For DH and I, it depends.  For pizza, apps, and beers, about $35 a head, not including tip.  If we're talking fancy meal (usually our anniversary), about $80 a head.
OP WTF??  This sounds like a horrible situation.  How long were you planning on sticking this out?   Is it really worth it?
It happened to my friend a fellow MDC mama a few years ago.  She was mortified that someone would send them, but they did.
Ok.   I am a waitress.  For the love of god, get off the damn phone in the restaurant.  I will not approach your table if you don't.  If there are others at your table, I will address them and pretty much ignore you until you get off the phone.    FTR, the vast majority of the people that do this (I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this) act like completely entitled self-absorbed jackasses when they finally do get off the phone (What?? You mean you weren't...
rightkindofme, I think you are really cool     
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