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Hi Seie. I remember you!  It's nice to see you here again.   My advice to you is to live the life you want to live and start right now.   If you're not completely into this man -- it's not fair for either one of you to keep hanging on.  I do not personally believe that we only have one true love.  I have had several deeply, intense loves, true loves, throughout my life.  I can see why each one did not last and yes, it was painful.  It took me years to get over...
Congratulations on the arrival of Rose!  What a beautiful name. I'm sorry to hear your birthing experience was so difficult. I hope you can find peace with it and enjoy every moment with Rose.
They're great!  Good work!
I've always been a 'take it a year at a time' kind of homeschooler.  I didn't start out thinking it would be any specific way.  It might be easier for him if you make a plan to revisit it every year -- assess what's working, what's not working, changes to make or keeping the status quo, and the possibility of going to school.  Your dd may at some point want to go to school too -- so it may help to keep things on a year-to-year basis.  I take it year by year and have...
It just sounds like you're both in different places.  You are ready and willing to take the relationship and family dynamic further, he is still dealing with what has happened in the past. I agree with Jeannine that a year marks a period of deciding what direction you are heading and right now, it seems like you are moving at different paces. If you are choosing to stay in this relationship, I think you need to back off a bit and allow him some space to reconcile...
Hi Jster.  I'm happy to see you back here...and not, of course!   I have more to reply and will be back later.  I just wanted to send a little love and support your way in the mean time.
Keeping your family in my thoughts and hoping for the best possible outcome! 
I've found that TMing is kind of contagious.  Once I have everything out, I'm flipping through magazines, got my glue stick and poster board, etc. my kids just naturally get drawn to it as well.  No pressure, no forcing...it's just too much fun to pass up.
You might want to read or talk to people with girls this age.  My friend has a daughter that age and recently picked up a book about this stage and felt immediate relief knowing they are both going through very 'normal' feelings and changes.   I found that puberty has really changed my dynamic with my own son and I've found that being closer helps us a lot.  I've been really making the effort to be very present with him and when I do that, we have far less conflict...
Reiterating what others have said.   Just be yourself.  Stop trying.  Relax.  Just be you and do what you do.  Allow him to be where he is.  He'll respect you more if you are yourself than if you try to walk on eggshells around him and figure it all out.    My policy with kids is to let them know who I am and let them come to me on their own terms.  It's not about you.  Remind yourself of that often and just be yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: