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When our relationships are struggling, it seems like that's all we ever think about and focus on. I'd like to suggest something a bit different for awhile...and I realize it is harder to do than it is to suggest. Stop thinking and focusing about the marriage, the decision, etc. for awhile and just spend some time focusing on yourself. Take your husband out of the equation for a bit. I'd suggest looking at your life...take account of what works, what you like,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bad Mama Jama i will be buying myself a half dozen chocolate strawberries and i believe there will be wine and a bath involved. maybe even a candle or two if i get wild with it! we will also probably be at my family's Mother's Day dinner beforehand. You go, girl!!! LOVE IT!!!
If you can figure out the magic to get them to aim right, you'll become a millionaire! Peeing standing up was never an issue here...but getting them to get it in that 'huge' hole in the toilet every time...one would think it would be easier.
I love just hangin' with my kids and having a spontaneous kind of day. I always make sure I treat myself to something...a special meal, a fancy coffee, ice cream...whatever it is that appeals to me and I enjoy it fully! Happy Mother's Day!
Don't read too much into it yet. Wait and see if you hear from him in the next day or so. If you don't...time to move on. I'm glad you had a fun two dates.
Be gentle with yourself muse. Having a great distance in between makes it easier to focus on the stuff you like the most and sort of forget the parts you don't like so much. If you were together daily, these things would have surfaced a long time ago and you would have been gone, but with the distance, it's easier to just not think about it and focus on what you are benefitting from and liking about the relationship. It feels good to have someone to talk to, it...
I know that places like Plenty of Fish have forums where you can talk about all kinds of topics related to dating, but I don't know of specific sites just to talk about dating and get tips. Here's my own brand of dating advice. 1. Know yourself first. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more comfortable you will be navigating through the dating waters. 2. Spend some time figuring out what you really want in a partner. What do you want? What...
I am continuing to hope that what is in the child's best interest will come to light and prevail! I'm keeping all of you in my thoughts.
I did!!! My partner left at the VERY beginning of the pregnancy, so I did the entire pregnancy and birth as a single mom. I have to say, the birth of my son was one of the most empowering, beautiful and healing experience of my life. I loved the time near the end of my pregnancy, when I was just hanging out alone with my toddler and enjoying every blissful moment, the two of us. It was a beautiful time for us to bond and really share a connectedness that...
Welcome from a fellow Albertan! This is a wonderful place for all things 'family.' Enjoy!
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