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I'm not sure of your situation or how well you get along or don't get along with your ex. The 'perfect schedule' seems to me, to be a moving target. What I have found in 9 years of single parenting is that needs change over time and schedules need to be changed. Of course, there are situations where a strict schedule needs to be set and honored to the tee. But, I can say that our ability to be flexible has been the best schedule for us and our children.
I know it's all very overwhelming right now and it seems like you have to figure this all out right now, but you don't. It will all unfold in time, but not today. The first time my kids went off was very difficult. It was painful and I cried. It's hard to let go when we aren't ready...but it really wasn't about me and the more I made it about me, the more I wasn't doing them any favors. When I thought of my children being away from me as 'time away' or 'losing...
It all depends on what your agreement says will happen if he shows up under the influence. My initial thoughts are taking a zero tolerance approach if this is as serious as you say it is. I would say, "You have breached our agreement, you cannot take her." And close the door. If you let him take her...where does it end?
Sleep deprivation never helps anyone...and getting to the breaking point seems to creep up on us faster when we're sleep deprived and caring for sick kids than under normal circumstances. Is there someone who could watch your kids for an hour? I have made sure my kids are in a safe place and then stepped outside the door for a moment, grabbed some fresh air, a minute to breathe and then gone back inside. I have called a girlfriend and cried to them over the...
Listen to your heart. It will guide you. Make peace with whatever decision you make and trust it is for the best and then make it be the best it can be.
Welcome to this corner of Mothering. There is support here for you.
I discovered I was pregnant maybe a week after my husband left. I told him right away. It didn't go well, but it didn't matter. He was the father, I knew it was going to impact both of us and our situation, so I was just honest and upfront and let him know in the beginning. I wish you well...and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. A baby is a miracle.
Great thread Momtwice! I detest the holiday too, meemee...but despite my protest, it still appears on my calendars every year! Tee hee I love what you said, muse. It really is all about loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves so we have so much more to bring to others. I'm going with that too! I'll probably also make a big breakfast for my kids and I (which rocks my world because I love breakfasts) and take advantage of the 2 hour free family swim in...
It is difficult, when we feel like we're really connecting with someone and they just don't get back to us. Heck, years ago, I dated a man for 3 months and he just decided he was done without contacting me!?!?!?! It definitely stings when that happens, but the way I've helped myself feel better about it is by realizing that the earlier on we know it's not going to work with someone, the better. Whatever reason he felt it wasn't going to work for him...you're far...
Happy one year anniversary. I'm so happy for you and love how we've come to a place where we can all choose the kind of parameters for our relationships that suit us and our needs best!
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