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I don't think anyone really knows how to date. I think we just all do the best we can and figure our way through it. I know, for myself, the better I knew myself and the more confident I felt, the easier dating seemed to be. I also found that not taking dating seriously and really just thinking of it as an adventure and opportunity to meet some interesting people...as opposed to being a search to find 'THE ONE' really helped me enjoy it and have fun with it too.
Quote: Originally Posted by muse I love that he is so conscientious about the idea of parenting/children/what his role might be in that, but ti's also so darn theoretical, he's lived alone for all his adult life. How on earth could someone like that adjust to life with kids, especially not their own? Wondering, about so many things.. You might be pleasantly surprised. My beloved has no children and has been living as a bachelor for some time...
I'm sending much love and healing your way.
Congrats Zeta! An April wedding sounds divine. Sometimes we need a little space to really know what we want. I wish you much peace & love. Enjoy all your prospects, mumblemama. That part of dating is so much fun! Sorry to hear about that Holland. My first thought was that if he's bailing about something that may or may not happen in the future, he's definitely not the right one for you. Still, it sucks. Nice to see you Beloved! Thanks for the excitement. I...
I would tell myself to be myself and honor myself and my needs because from that place, I can handle anything and everything. I would tell myself that sometimes we don't know the best results until it happens...so I would remind myself to have faith that sometimes the bigger picture that I can't fully see yet, is actually the best picture of all.
Kids do know what's going on and it's far more scary when they are sitting in the fear of the unknown than when their parents come to them, open the dialogue and are available and honest about what's happening and answering their questions and addressing their concerns. Being honest with them and simplifying it in terms they can handle for their developmental stage is important. If they ask a question...answer only what they ask. If they need to know more, they will...
It absolutely gets better. Doing something...even something really small for yourself in a day can make a difference. It gets a little easier one step at a time. You're doing better than you realize.
For the first time in 9 years, I have a Valentine and I have to say, it was worth the wait! I'm in a relationship with a man who brings out the very best in me. Sometimes, he brings out the best in me in the most fun, loving and wonderful ways...and sometimes I am challenged in deeply profound ways, and it makes me grow and become better by working through very difficult things. For both of these, I feel blessed. I always find it funny when my single friends are...
I have no advice to give, but I wish them all some peace and healing in this situation. I hope they can all get the help they need and find a way to raise this child together peacefully.
I've been unschooling my special needs son now for 6 years and it works very well. Listen to your heart...it will lead you to the place that is best for your child and your family.
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