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I'm looking , too! we are in SC but I will travel! lol
Hi ladies! I haven't posted here in awhile, but I need help! Since my DD was born, I have been O'ing early in my cycle Now that she is 2 we would like to start TTC'ing again, but DH is traveling a lot and the only weekend we have this cycle will be Oct 15-17 I usually start AF around the 3rd of any month, but she showed today Do you know of any way I can delay O for just 3-5 days? I am so upset over this
My DS is 4 and my DD is 7.5 months Our neighbors 9 month old has chicken pox and is willing to let us come over to "play" today Would you bring the 7 month old? or just the 4 year old and try to keep the baby away from him as much as possible afterwards? I want them both to have natural immunity but wonder if 7 months is too early TIA!
Hmm Well, we don't compost or garden, living in a townhouse and we don't have a little eater to take his scraps and I have issues with slob/spit that I cannot eat something someone has taken a bite out of. I am just NOT OK with him wasting food.
My 3 yr 10 month old has become a consistent food waster It started with not wanting to eat bread crusts then not the ends of bananas then not the tops of broccoli you get the idea Just an example of yesterday Breakfast - eggs and bacon. He asked for it, then refused to eat one bite of his eggs. I left it at the table, fully intending to re-serve the eggs for lunch : but my DH threw them away when I was nursing/putting our 3 month old down Lunch - chicken &...
3 month old here I don't think she has ever nursed "to sleep" My 3 yr old was a real boob guy, and could spend the entire night latched on, so when she was born, I kind of made it a point to nurse, then change diaper, then swaddle, then lay down/rub back/etc At 3 months, when she is ready to sleep, she nurses about 10-15 minutes, then gets swaddled, I lay her down, and she goes to sleep. She is often asleep before I get settled. She sleeps sidecarred to my bed.
Just wanted to jump onboard I am 3 wks and 2 days out from my c-section I knew from about 18 weeks on that there was a chance (complete previa) of a section Once the previa resolved, we discovered she was breech then at 36 weeks at the u/s before the version we found she had a nuchal cord, and was so far engaged my OB couldn't turn her past my bones anyways I was on morphine the first 18 hours then I was on percocet for about 4 days, and then ibuprofen until about 9...
in case those myspace photo links dont work: PIC
Born via c-section Monday at 12:59 I woke up at 5:45 with regular contractions ~10 minutes apart Knowing she was breech last week with complications, I called my Dr. and we went in for an ultrasound. She was still breech, nuchal cord, and I had really low fluid. I was 4 cm, so we went in for a section. By 11:45, I was contracting 2-3 min apart, and we were ready to go. She was 37 weeks, 2 days 5 lbs 13 oz 19 inches Kristen Big Brother Cameron My Dr....
Date and time of birth-sept 8 12:59 pm Sex-female Name-Kristen Faith Weight/Length-5lbs 13oz, 19 inches long How long labor was-5 hrs of steady easy contractions, then had a cesarean due to frank breech with nuchal cord and very very little fluid. Any other details you want to add-we are headed home tomorrow born at 37 weeks, 2 days
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