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We have an S and T, but honestly they had pretty different personalities in the womb and I just knew that Sebastian was a Sebastian. When he broke his water with one swift kick (ouch!), I knew I was right. We left ourselves the option of reversing the names when the boys arrived in case they didn;t fit, and to be honest, we still took about 3 days deciding, but in the end we stuck with our initial thoughts and Sebastian was Sebastian and Tillman was Tillman.
Shortly after reading this the weatehr around here got good. And so we went to the park for a picnic. Now a picnic with DS #1 (4.5 and yet to wear out the knees of a single pair of pants) meant food, fun, the occasional spilled drink. Picnic with #2 and #3 meant mud baths, stick popsicles, a run-in with stinging nettles, tossed hats and resulting sunburns, and a day's worth of diapers containing more processed dirt than processed food! Whatever I was spared is now...
If you have some hesitation, how about he take a trial run with my three? Just to give him some practice, you know?
I have twin boys, after a single boy, and I can honestly say that while it's not *quite* that bad (yet), I can see the writing on the wall. My first never gave me a single gray hair, my second and third, let's just say I've discovered coloring....
my first boy was nothing liike this. Thw twins, however...holy climbing, running, food throwing destruction, Batman. they in one short year have caused more destruction than DS has in 4.5. I shudder when I think about what lies ahead. This post has not reassured me even slightly :
yup, twin pregnancies do take a lot out of you. I was shocked at the difference. But remember to listen to your body. You are that tired for a reason, to ignore it will bring on a whole host of problems. I ignored the signs at the end that I was overdoing it (I figured, I'm 39 weeks, what's the big deal?) and ended up with preeclampsia that took a good 6 weeks post delivery to go away. And speakign of 39 weeks, yes, you can go full term. Or at least, I did. I'm 5'3" on...
Once again, 2 plus, you are my hero! I also bathe them once every 2 weeks or so and have been feeling like a terrible mother. I mean downright bad. But who has the time? They scream if they're both not in the bath. One screams when he's in the bath. The other screams when he's being taken out. add to that a freaky bathtub where there are three walls on all but the SHORT side, 2 almost walking (i.e. NOT calm, subdued, sure I'll sit there and not drown my brother) babe and...
Could someone direct me to the "ask moxie"? I've seen it referenced elsewhere and would like to check it out. Bad news: mine slept great to 4 months. Since then, not so. We're at 10 months now and (very sleepily) counting.
10 month old twins here, and while one has four teeth, the other has none. All the signs are there, all the signs except the teeth that is
word for word, same here. To bed at 7 and then relatively straight through until 12 or so. Then one wakes up every hour or so until i finally give up and get up around 5:30. Often whomever is most restless will end up in our (small) bed. Both I and DH work and we're sinking under this schedule. Any suggestions on ways to get them to sleep longer or at least better? They;ll be 10 months next week.
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