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Our newest son Merari Binyamin was born October 11th (day after my birthday) at 6:13am after about 4hrs 25min of labor, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz. He is healthy with a full head of hair. Birth story to follow....eventually. I"m tired still. :o)
This comes in handy sometimes:   http://haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/
Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised then when my husband knocked on the bathroom door and asked "Are you breaking your water in there?" after I'd been in awhile. 
Congrats!!! Hope my unassisted birth is half as beautiful as yours!
No set name here either. DH did sorta name the last one. I wanted Azariah and he wanted a name with an -iel ending, since three of our children already have -ah names. So Azriel is what he decided, weren't even sure if it was a real name when he thought it up, but we were able to compromise on that since it has a good meaning 'My help is from Elohim' and I'm all about meanings. This time I did pick a name I really liked Merari (rhymes with ferrari) Shimon early second...
Usually it's right before labor for me if my water doesn't break first. At first I'm not sure if I"m getting sick and it turns into labor.
You know I don't think I've used more than 2 each time. I start sleeping on a chux pad when it gets close to the birth since my water has broken while sleeping. And another chux for the birth, I just don't bleed a lot. 
So anyone have some favorite links to birth stories to think about? I like nice, happy, shiny ones. Thanks! :o)
  What is your favorite, quick go to recipe? Frito pies   Coffee or Tea? Both! Coffee is probably primary though.   Do you plan to go grey with grace or dye? I plan to dye my hair silver/gray. Maybe even in the near future just for kicks. Maybe I'd stop getting carded.    Do you watch TV, what is your favorite show?  No TV. Though my husband follows V and Heroes online so occasionally I will sit through it. But reading is so much quicker for...
New Posts  All Forums: