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i have never had a negative nursing experience in almost 4 year of NIP around dfw.
sounds fun, i wish i were closer!
well we just sent some back to philly so there should be a case there in a couple of weeks we are thinking that the wresting/physical contact was what helped them catch it, more than the shared saliva as none of the other children who were exposed to that case got it. we had a sleepover and lots of rough-housing, not just food sharing. something to file away for next time at least!
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LIGHTmail/ is a good starting place!
we actually got it from the same person as you, i think the day after. the spots are just showing up today on my 4 year old. , the 1.5 year old still doesn't have anything.
they are just starting, should be full on tomorrow or the next day. email mellvino at yahoo.com dot com for a playdate melody
i don't, but you are still pretty early. you've been doing the spinningbabies.com stuff, right?
we are expecting them next week, i posted about it and i'll update when we get the sniffles. you can email me mellvino at yahoo dot com if you'd like. i'm in the 11755 area code.
we'll be interested at the end of the month, right now we're waiting for chicken pox to show up.
We just exposed our kiddos to wild chicken pox, hopefully in 10-14 days they will have it if anyone is interested. Email me mellvino at yahoo dot com
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