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Congrats on your baby! I just gave birth 5 weeks ago to a 10 lb 4 oz baby boy, also! My son's ped did the same thing. I told him do not retract his foreskin and he did it anyway! It wasn't too far, but I could tell he didn't like it and I was cringing the whole time. Next time I'm writing in marker "Do NOT touch penis" on his diaper and I'm going to tell the Dr to not touch his penis for any reason whatsoever or I will sue! So sorry that happened to your LO.
Ok, here's my 2cents. I was 6 when I found my dad's stash of porn. 6. He had a subscription to PentHouse and Play Boy and he also had a variety of movies. I saw it all. My mom found out. She was devistated. My dad found out. He really didn't care. He would read his mags in the living room while he watched football on Sunday (we were church goers). I was basically addicted to porn until a few years ago and it continues to be a challenge for me. For me, it ruined...
Thank you girls!!! I gave her the links and she said they were very helpful!!!
I have a friend who lives in Australia and she wants to use cloth diapers, but she's having a hard time finding a distributer for Snappis over there. Any help? Will she just have to order them elsewhere?
I couldn't read anymore after the first page. This is the first time I have truly allowed myself to mourn over the decision I made. My son was born May 6, 2004. Perfect, 9 lbs, 3 oz. I didn't want to have him circumsized. I knew all the research, I knew that he was perfect not being cut. Unfortunately, I was with a man who was not the baby's father and he was controlling and manipulative and a habitual lier. He convinced (or rather I gave up fighting him) me to get...
Well, I made a pull on cover. I just used a Gerber pull on and used it for the pattern. It turned out ok, but my tension was off and so I have pulls everywhere...I didn't realize it was messed up until I had gotten all the way around and I really didn't want to have to start over. I did what swtladyfare did and wet a towel and pressed it hard against the fleece...the outside stayed totally dry!!! Very exciting. DS hasn't worn them yet...I think I sent him to bed with...
I did the blow test annnnnnnnnnnnd........we're go for take off!!! I just really would like a serger to make them with!!! I'm stuck with a sewing machine...but totally YAY!!! I have 2 HUGE fleece blankets that are brand spanking new... I like these smilies...so yes, I'm very excited...I might even make some pockets...I'm so going to have like no time for anything...I'll be so busy with my babes and sewing and working...AAAHHH!!! I love it!
I thought about using 2 layers too!!! YAYYYAYAYAYAYAY I'm making AIOS and Covers...dances to the fabric room...that was a little obnoxious wasn't it?
That if you have some fleece and water beads up on it that you can use it as a cover? I have some thick fleece blankets that I'd love to make into AIOs or covers, but I'm scared to!
erm...what's TTO :, and where do you find these micro fiber towels? What section?
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